Admission Process


Each LMAIS school has their own application requirements and procedures but there are some elements that most schools have in common.


  • Application and Fee
  • Student Evaluation
  • Transcript
  • Teacher Recommendations
  • Interviews (Parent/Student)


These materials and engagements are done in advance of application deadlines, which vary by school.  However, LMAIS schools have a common notification date in March where families are informed of admission decisions and a common response date where families must notify schools of their intentions to enroll.



Financial Assistance Process


Financial assistance is available at most LMAIS schools. It is important that families ask each school about their financial assistance application process, as each school is different. Assistance is based on each family’s unique financial situation; it is not a loan and does not need to be repaid. Funds allocated ensure that LMAIS schools are accessible for a wide range of families and demonstrate each schools commitment to affordability. Additional resources can be found here.