Why choose an Independent School?




Independence in the truest sense of the word.


Independent schools are governed by a board of trustees, not a public school board. They are primarily supported by tuition payments, charitable contributions, and endowment revenue.


  • Independent school teachers have the freedom to create educational experiences that meet each child’s needs, without state mandates on curriculum, textbooks, and testing.


Mission-driven education.


Whether co-ed or single-sex, day school or boarding school, each independent school is driven by its own unique philosophy, values, and approach to teaching.


  • LMAIS Schools represent 40 independent schools in the Chicago metropolitan area and northwest Indiana educating students from 2yrs – 12th grade. Selecting a school


High academic standards.


Independent schools nurture intellectual curiosity, stimulate personal growth, encourage critical thinking, and promote a lifelong love of learning.


  • Independent schools work to take each student to their highest potential through personalized attention and a commitment to growth. 


Small classes that allow for individual attention.


Low student-teacher ratios promote close and lasting connections between educators and students.


  • The average student-teacher ratio at LMAIS schools is 8:1


Excellent teachers.


Independent school educators are afforded opportunities to teach in their areas of expertise. They strive to develop a full understanding of each student’s learning style, interests, and motivation.


  • Expertise and commitment to student-centered learning is a hallmark of independent school educators.


Education for the whole child.

In addition to academics, independent schools also nurture students’ personal and social growth and civic conscience.


  • Outside the classroom, students participate in school-sponsored athletic competitions, artistic pursuits, and leadership experiences. These activities are considered co-curricular not extracurricular as they are important to identity formation and student engagement.




Independent schools foster diverse and vibrant student communities that welcome and respect every family.


  • Students of color represent 33.3 percent of LMAIS schools, with 3.4 percent international students.

A community of parents who actively participate in their children’s education.


Independent schools promote regular communication among students, parents, and teachers to ensure everyone is working toward the same goals.


  • As a parent, you can actively engage in your student’s education, because the staff and teachers want and value your participation.






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