Sharing the Sukkah Tradition! A Sukkah Hop and More …

September 25, 2021

What is a sukkah hop you ask? Every year for the holiday of Sukkot, Jewish people build temporary dwellings/huts to remind us of the experience of the ancient Israelites journeying through the desert and of the end of ancient harvest seasons when people would live in huts near the threshing floor. Although our modern  lives are quite different, we remind ourselves each year on Sukkot that even if we are living in a flimsy structure we can be thankful for the protection of God and share what we have with others.


On Sunday, September 26th, Chicago Jewish Day Families opened their temporary dwellings, inviting others in the community to visit their Sukkot. Registration was required an a route was created for families to stop at multiple sukkot for a brief and socially distanced visit, pick up a snack, and connect with members of the CJDS community. Masks and social distancing were enforced to assure the well-being of all participating.



Students at CJDS carried on the tradition by constructing an ‘especially sweet’ sukkah, adorned with handmade items by the students. The sun came out on Thursday and Friday, just in time to gather together in the beautiful CJDS sukkah. Friday was an especially popular day as students received a treat!