1200 Davis Street Evanston, IL 60201

School Type: Day

Student Body: coed

Head of School: Christopher English

Admissions Director: Angela Murphy

Age 3 - Grade 12

Founded in 1915, Roycemore continues to promote educational excellence through unique partnerships with Northwestern University and Adobe Inc., while offering a welcoming environment that gives students a strong sense of belonging and community. 

Roycemore School sustains our legacy of outstanding college preparatory education within our nurturing community. We remain committed to enhanced opportunities for student learning as we develop new centers of academic excellence, increase our engagement with our local community and develop long range fiscal plans to sustain our school for future generations. 

At Roycemore, students acquire the tools and cultivate the networks they need to be at the forefront of innovation. An emphasis on the design thinking process gives our students the ability to think creatively, critically and productively. By building and nurturing relationships, students learn how to work well with others and become confident leaders, preparing them for college, their futures, and beyond.