Irving Park

3730 N. California Avenue Chicago, IL 60618

School Type: Day

Student Body: coed

Head of School: Judy Finkelstein-Taff

Admissions Director: Cortney Stark Cope

Age 4 - Grade 8

Chicago Jewish Day School (CJDS) is a multidenominational, progressive Jewish day school in its 19th year of operation, located in the heart of the North Side. It serves students from Junior Kindergarten (JK) through Grade Eight from all Jewish backgrounds and represents a wide geographic area.


CJDS is committed to academic excellence, grounded in educational research and driven by best practice. Using a Jewish lens, integrated and experiential learning is at the core of our student-centered curriculum which develops a passion for lifelong learning. 


CJDS is successfully adhering to its mission of providing excellence in both General and Judaic Studies, as is demonstrated by outstanding student performance, a stellar faculty with little attrition and sustained population growth. Student population now stands at 247 (2021-2022).  In person tours are available by appointment every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.