Artificial Intelligence as Your Teaching Superpower

MAR 22

8:30-10:30am. In-person 

Artificial Intelligence as Your Teaching Superpower

Geared toward Educators and Professionals

Wolcott College Prep

524 N Wolcott Ave. Chicago, IL 




Join this workshop to build a solid foundation in Artificial Intelligence. We’ll focus on how to be more efficient as an educator and personalize learning for your students, with ethics and privacy as central themes. 

Objectives will include:


  • Automating your educator tasks and become more efficient to reclaim valuable teaching time.
  • Adapt course content, create resources, and tailor instruction to individual student needs.
  • Explore educator-focused AI tutors and interactive content to create a more engaging learning environment.
  • Discuss safe and ethical use and policies of AI in education.
  • Learn how AI systems work and how to stay on top of the latest developments.


Please bring a device (laptop or tablet) to this workshop.


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