Baker Demonstration School Preschoolers Move and Groove Through New Program

October 10, 2021

Preschoolers at Baker Demonstration School are building their spatial awareness, confidence, rhythm, listening skills and more in their weekly movement class. The new course, taught once a week by dance and movement instructor Mary Dow, helps children become more aware of how to express themselves through movement all while having fun!


“Spatial awareness is not a natural concept to all children. Understanding how their bodies move through the space in the classroom is an important developmental milestone,” Dow said


Preschoolers often start each class with an obstacle course. Throughout the obstacle course, students complete different movements. These steps help students work on transferring their weight, jumping, balancing, foot placement and core strength.


The opening warm-up also guides the students through rhythm patterns, stretching, fun balancing exercises and even prepositional placement with physical directions such as “put the scarf next to you” or “stand behind the hula hoop.” Students explore different ways of communicating through movement by imitating animals, expressing emotions, dancing as a part of nature and even drawing inspiration from the weather!


“This group of pre-kindergarteners are good listeners who want to be proud of what they’re doing,” Dow said. “It is a wonderful class to lead.”


Ultimately, the lessons students learn in Dow’s preschool class are laying a foundation for movement and dance education as students progress through Baker. Dow wants students to have comfort and confidence when it comes to dancing. She wants kids to feel comfortable in their own skin and feel good about the physical and emotional energy dance can provide.


“My class is not about being the best dancer, it’s about being you!” she said.


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