Dear Colleagues, Families, and Friends,


LMAIS is an extraordinary organization: a network of 41 independent schools of vastly different sizes and missions, all united in commitment to the ethos of independent schools, and all dedicated to helping our students — and each other — thrive.


Our purpose is to cultivate meaningful connections among our professional colleagues, so that our member schools thrive.


We value camaraderie — fostering relationships through fellowship and the celebration of our shared humanity.


We value collaboration — leveraging our collective wisdom, shared experiences, resources, and knowledge. 


And, we value community — nurturing a sense of belonging through our shared values and purpose. 


If you are part of an independent school, it is my hope that LMAIS can be of service to you. If you are a family considering enrolling in one of our member schools, please know that the LMAIS network is comprised of committed school leaders, expert administrators, and inspired teachers — all eager to have a transformative impact on your child.


Welcome to the Lake Michigan Association of Independent Schools.


Jason Patera

Head of School, The Chicago Academy for the Arts

President, LMAIS