Founded in 1947, the Lake Michigan Association of Independent Schools (LMAIS) is a non-profit organization promoting the value and benefits of independent school education in Chicago and the surrounding area. 


LMAIS schools believe in:


  • Supporting the social-emotional development of children at each stage of their educational journey


  • Valuing kindness, respect, and inclusivity in our school communities, where our students are understood and supported


  • Developing both the academic and social-emotional potential of each student and believe deeply in partnering with families at each stage in the educational process


  • Teaching empathy, where students seek to understand others’ viewpoints, perspectives, and backgrounds


  • Creating and sustaining diverse, inclusive, equitable and just communities that are safe and welcoming for all


  • Cultivating lifelong learners who value collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication


In combination with our rigorous curriculum, these core beliefs build a foundation of self-confidence and achievement.  We take pride in our reputation for top quality education, with an emphasis on outstanding student achievement, passionate and deeply committed faculty, and a community of parents who are actively involved and invested in their children’s education.